Copenhagen ranked fourth healthiest city in the world

Copenhagen healthiest city

Fortunately there was some good news for yoga fanatics in Copenhagen this week. While a British report reveals that huge numbers of instructors need hip replacement surgery once they hit their 40s, they can rest assured they are living in one of the healthiest cities in the world.

Copenhagen has ranked fourth in an analysis of 77 metropolises by The Wellbeing Index, which chiefly focuses on living costs, gender equality and mental health, comprising 15 different categories.


Robust in Reykjavik, healthy in Helsinki, okey-dokey in Oslo

The Danish capital missed out on top spot by fewer than three ranking points, trailing Reykjavik (109.39 to 112.32 points), Helsinki and Oslo – a top four that was completely Nordic, while Stockholm finished eighth.

Completing the top ten were Munich (in fifth, but over five ranking points below Copenhagen on 105.34), Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam and Edinburgh.


High green score, low crime rate

Copenhagen scored an impressive 9.28/10 for CO2 Emissions, which gave its residents “great air quality”, according to the index.

It scored 9.37/10 for a “wealth of” Green Spaces, and 8.93/10 for Low Crime Rates, noting that “the people of Copenhagen will be glad to know they are living in one of the safest areas in the world”.


Reykjavik is Nadia Comaneci!

In total there were four categories – Day-to-Day Living, It’s all Business, Safety First and Going Green – which were broken down into 15 metrics, thus giving each city a score out of 150.

“Of course, the state of well-being is multi-faceted, which is why the data has been broken down into 15 different metrics,” explained the index.

Reykjavik scored perfect 10s for traffic, LGBTQ acceptance and gender equality, and it was also praised for having a narrow gender pay gap, lots of green spaces, low youth unemployment, lots of vegan food options and affordable childcare.


Jaded in Jakarta, ill in Istanbul, languid in LA  
The three worst performers on the index were Jakarta, Istanbul (worst for congestion and green spaces) and Los Angeles (bottom for emissions).

Cape Town, Bologna, Florence and Valencia all did surprisingly poorly as well.

Outside Europe, Wellington flew the flag, while Melbourne and London posted some good scores in some of the categories.


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