Denmark is among the most attractive countries for foreign direct investments

Denmark attractive country foreign direct investments

According to the new Direct Foreign Investment Confident Index, Denmark is among the most attractive countries for foreign direct investments. Improving its ranking from last year significantly, Denmark is now the 14th most attractive country in the world to foreign investors.

The global management-consulting firm AT Kearney carries out the Direct Foreign Investment Confidence Index. The index is based on interviews with 500 top leaders across the world.

This year’s ranking places Denmark first among its Nordic neighbouring countries and among the  most attractive countries in the world for foreign direct investments.


Best country for ease of doing business

The significant increase in Denmark’s score this year is due to a range of different factors. The report points out five that makes Denmark stand out.

First, Denmark consistently perform well in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report, with a top score 8 years in a row due to its very business-friendly environment.

Second, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world due to a public sector, which is both transparent and well organised. Third, Denmark takes the title as the most digital country in the EU according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)  published by the EU Commission by continuing to stand out as an attractive testbed for companies looking to develop and apply new technologies and IT solutions.

Finally yet importantly, foreign investors also choose Denmark as a top destination for investments due to its high level of human capital, where Denmark comes in second according to the latest IMD World Talent Ranking. Also, Denmark receives an 8th place on the DHL’s 2018 Global Connectedness Index due to its well-connected digital infrastructure, a very high ICT adoption rates and ability to innovate with technology.


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